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Agricultural, Tax and Estate Legal Needs

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Experience in Agriculture and Law


 Good tax planning is vital for farms, landowners, and small business owners. Whether making those plans, or to find a cure if those plans weren’t well made and the IRS is knocking at the door.


Agricultural Law

Twenty years of managing a family farm. Jay Minter has seen it all firsthand: leases, contracts with suppliers or buyers, operating agreements, and USDA programs.


Small Business

Business incorporation, partnerships, succession plans, business analysis and evaluation, strategic planning, nuisance suits, and any other small business needs.


Mediation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Jay Minter is a trained mediator in both civil and domestic cases and affiliated with The Neutral Solution, a statewide network of dispute resolution professionals.

The Minter Law office is specifically designed to have comfortable, effective mediation space with large and small conference rooms and separate workspace for visiting attorneys.

He is a strong believer that most legal issues are best resolved through mediation, whether he is counsel to a party or the mediator.


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